The term webinar is short for Web-based Seminar, a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Web. Join us from the comfort of your desk - all you need is the internet, your computer and speakers and/or a telephone line! Unlike a workshop or conference you will be unable to see the presenter; however you will have access to the presenter’s slides displayed on your screen and have the ability to engage in a question and answer session at the end of the presentation.

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With the global outbreak of COVID-19, WiLAT has organized a series of chat sessions via the GoToMeeting app to encourage online sharing of best practices and reliefs during this challenging time. Thanks for all your support, we held the successful final session last Thursday. The summary and the Slides shown in the chat as attached.

The notes for the past WiLAT chat has been uploaded on the WiLAT website, you may find the notes in the link below.



WiLAT Event Australia: Secrets of Success - 9th December 2020

WiLAT Event: Successful Women in the Supply Chain - 02 February 2021

Webinar WiLAT Philippines: Empowering women in a male-dominated industry - 20 April 2021

Webinar WiLAT: Knowledge, expertise and stakeholder engagement; young females overcoming gender & culture barriers in the maritime logistics sector - 8th June 2021


2021 Webinars

Digitally Connected Freight – Optimising Time and Space. December 3, 2021. Pre-recorded session. CILT in Conversation with Sandy Moller and Lawrence Penn. In this session, Sandy and Lawrence, WSP, provide insights into the application of digitalisation to urban logistics and freight planning. They consider smart loading bays, driver behaviour relationships with technology, the key issue of ‘click and deliver’ culture, and the home delivery impact on congestion and carbon, discussing how digital can reverse this trend as well as feed it.

Making the Physical Internet a Reality
. November 24, 2021. Pre-recorded session. Stephen Rinsler in Conversation with Ben Waller. In this session, Steve Rinsler and Ben Waller discuss the physical internet, explore how it could work, and explain why it is not just jargon and hype….

IBF WEBINAR: How Digitalisation Supports Trade Collaboration
 November 21, 2021 - This session, hosted by Reshma Yousuf, Founder and CEO, CLLB (Centre for Logistics Leadership in Business), Malaysia, provided an understanding of the global trade digitalisation landscape, and considered the benefits of digitalisation in facilitating collaboration and networking across borders. The session also examined digital adoption and partnership opportunities using the Central Asia market as a case study and provided an introduction to drone technology and its logistics capabilities.

The Digital Railway – Smart Solutions Through Collaboration. CILT in Conversation with Daisy Chapman-Chamberlain. November 4, 2021 - Pre-recorded session. In conversation with Daisy Chapman-Chamberlain. In this session, Daisy Chapman-Chamberlain, Rail Knowledge Transfer Manager, KTN provides an insight into digital techniques used across the rail sector.

Equipping Professionals for the Digital World: CILT in Conversation with Arnoud Dekkers. October 22, 2021 – In conversation with CILT Education and Business Development Lead Jon Harris, Arnoud examines the effect of changing market forces on the work of consultants, the need for skills diversification, and the role of digital technologies in developing workforces and professionals.

Disruptive Digital Technology Adoption in Global Supply Chains. CILT in Conversation with Professor Edward Sweeney, 13 October 2021 – Pre-recorded session. In his conversation with Secretary General Keith Newton, Professor Edward Sweeney considers barriers and enablers to the adoption of digital technology in the global supply chain. The conversation is set in the context of current global supply chain challenges and opportunities and considers how digital technology can play a part in providing new solutions. The discussion provides a broad view across different sectors but focuses on opportunities in the manufacture, storage and movement of goods in the supply chain with a strong global emphasis.

Low Emission Freight Vehicles Webinar (VIC) - 13 October 2021. Presented by Paul Illmer, VP Emerging Technology at Volvo and Tim Camilleri, E-Mobility Solutions Manager at Volvo 

VIC Webinar: Intelligent Docks – Reducing Congestion, Demurrage, Overtime and Emissions - 12 October 2021. Presented by Adam Welch, Practice Manager Assurance at Bestrane.

A Digital Future - The Transport and Logistics Dimension. 
- 6 Oct 2021. This session brought local and international transport and logistics professionals together to discuss how the confluence of new technologies including smart and automated devices, big data, AI and other digital technologies are transforming trade in Central Asia and around the world. 

Digital Transformations in Learning and Training: CILT In Conversation with Gamu Matarira - 30 Sep 2021 - Gamu Matarira, Founder of Gen-A Consultancy provides global perspectives into the impact of digitalisation on learning and training, with a specific focus on Africa and its social and equality dynamic.

Where is Digitalisation in the Transport and Logistics Space heading? – 23 Sep 2021 – This webinar focuses on the rapidly evolving digital technology landscape and examines how some of these technologies might help in smoothing the ride ahead for the logistics and transport industry.

VIC Webinar: SMART Warehousing – Leveraging Technology for Growth Resurgence. 7 Sep 2021 – Royston Phua, APAC Supply Chain Leader, discusses revolutionary technologies that are improving productivity and accuracy at all ends of the supply chain.

Lunchtime Legends – Webinar: Co-modality: Making Use of Public Transport to Carry Freight.24 Aug 2021 – Michael Stokoe from Transport for NSW, talking about using passenger trains to carry same-day freight.  This means, for example, that Amazon deliveries are carried for most of the journey between the warehouse/supplier and customer, on Sydney Trains (or NSW Trains), outside of peak-hour.

Recycling, Upcycling and Sustainable Supply Chains  27 July 2021– Featuring Catherine Weetman, Author, Consultant, Founder and Director of Rethink Global, Diniece Mendes, Director of Freight Mobility at the New York City Department of Transportation, and Alice Gillman, Head of Marketing, Vivarail.

Green Series: In Conversation With Mieszko Iwaskow: 1 July 2021 – The latest in our In Conversation Series. This time Mieszko Iwaskow, Portfolio Delivery Director (Strategic Programmes), Integrated Networks at Auckland Transport, talks to CILT’s Jon Harris about his work on sustainability in Auckland and the innovative Downtown regeneration scheme. Their discussion includes a look at the way that Auckland has responded to the sustainability challenge through its approach to transport, as well as incentivising mode shifts, creating compelling urban spaces, and Auckland’s unique approach to sustainable construction.

Supply Chain Sustainability in the Maritime Sector: 29 Jun 2021 – Featuring Sarinda Unamboowe discussing ‘Use Less Plastic – Small Wins in a Big Battle’, Margaret Kidd on ‘Sustainability, Skills and Social Development’, and Naa Aryeetey ‘Focus on the Maritime Industry’ – Recording 

INTERNATIONAL WEBINAR: Global Environmental Crisis: Future Challenges for the Transport and Logistics Profession May 26th 2021- Recording

Green Series In Conversation With Paul Le Blond – 6 May 2021 – Recording

First Green Series Webinar – Smart and Sustainable Mobility: Delivering Low Carbon Places – 21 Apr 2021

CILT International: Smart and Sustainable Mobility: Delivering Low Carbon Places – Wed 21st April

CILTNA Webinar: Achieving Traceability and Transparency in International Supply Chains – 25 March 2021 – The Covid-19 Acceleration Effect – sponsored by Global Container Terminal.

Philippine Webinar: How retailers can reduce their last-mile carbon footprint (25th March 2021)

The UK Grocery Sector Response to Covid-19 Challenges – 24th March 2021

Aviation Industry Framework– 20 March 2021 (pwd: S!pC3F5T#fq1)

International Webinar: The UK Grocery Sector Response to Covid-19 Challenges – 24 Mar 2021

Tackling Covid-19 Impacts in Lower-Income Countries – the Tanzania Experience – 03 March 2021

The Role of Sustainability in a Post-Covid Era – 03 Feb 2021

CILT International webinar:  New Year, New Ways of learning– 13 January 2021

2020 Webinars

CILT Canada Webinar: Urban Futures webinar series #2: A New Era for Main Street: The Future of the Urban Street sponsored by Arup – 03 Dec 2020

Covid-19’s Impact on Regional Supply Chains – Strengthening Transport and Logistics Networks in Central Asia – 16 Nov 2020

Global Compliance Gaps in Dangerous Goods Logistics – 14 October 2020

How COVID19 has Changed the transport and logistics industry – 6th October 2020

Entrepreneurship: Before and After the Pandemic – CILT Best Practice Response Webinar – 5 October 2020

Sean Culey“Living in interesting times: Technology, Automation and the Future of Transport and Logistics” – 15th September 2020

Webinar: How online retail growth has forced retailers to improve the delivery experience – 2 September 2020

NZ Webinar: Auckland Port – Move it or No? – 26 Aug 2020

Automated Manual Handling Risk Assessments: a benefit or a distraction? – 1st September 2020

The Importance of Human Capital in Covid-19 Recovery – 29th July 2020

Aviation in the Next 2 Years – Challenges and Responses –  15 Jul 2020

Connecting and Collaborating to Produce Winning Solutions – 01 Jul 2020

Decision Support for Supply Chain Improvement – July 1 2020 – Password: gmG13^Q1zTYt

Business Continuity and the Management of Risk 17 June 9 pm

NTARC Crash Report 2020 – 17th June 1 pm

Supply Chain Response to Shortage in supply of medicine and food – Guest Speaker Dave Howorth, Executive Director, SCALA Consulting discussed best practice examples from the UK and Ireland retail and manufacturing scene. Will Holden, Managing Director, Emergency Logistics Team Ltd. focused on international best practice responses in the medicine and health supply chain.

Global Shipping and the Supply Chain – the short and long term response – 3rd June 9 pm

Safe Practices in Passenger Transport Networks – 7 pm 20th May

Business Continuity Planning in the Transport and Logistics Industry – Tuesday 5th May 12 pm 2020

Supply Chain of the Future with BlockChain – April 30, 6 pm 2020

Supply Chains in times of Pandemic – 30th April 2 pm 2020

Best Practices to COVID19 Crisis 




  • Physical Internet
  • A change to the Australian Consumer Law impacting transport and storage service providers


  • Sales Scripting, John Blake, Sales Breakthrough Solutions
  • Seven Changes to Your Sales Process to Increase Conversions and Profits, John Blake, Sales Breakthrough Solutions
  • "How Can Analytics Help Your Business?”Dr Kok-Leong Ong, La Trobe
  • The Use Of Driver Assessments In Selection Of Staff, Steven Asnicar, CoR
  • Unfair Contract Terms: How the New Law Will Affect Your Business, Fleur Shaw-Jones and Nick Rimington, NRF
  • Managing Flexible Work - Practical and Legal Issues, Erin McCarthy, Piper Alderman
  • Delivering the Value of Partnering - Inspirational Leadership in Supply Chain, Stephen Hanman, Mira
  • Hired on IQ but EQ gets you promoted, demoted or removed, Stephen Hanman, Mira Companions
  • When the regulator calls..., Nicki Milionis & Andrew Riordan, NRF
  • CoR Management Plan, Andrew Watt, CoR
  • Warehousing 2020: Building a Smarter Warehouse, Wayne Harper, Zebra
  • Hired on IQ but EQ gets you promoted, demoted or removed, Stephen Hanman, Mira Companions
  • Introducing Ideas around Supply Chain [SC] 2020, Stephen Hanman, Mira Companions
  • Recording, Using and Publishing Private Conversations, Stephen Hughes, Piper Alderman
  • Workplace Investigations: Conduct, Implementation & Privilege, Stephen Hughes, Piper Alderman
  • The Dawn of the Autonomous Vehicle in Australia, Dave Maunsell, Accenture
  • Contractors vs Employees, Stephen Hughes, Partner, Piper Alderman
  • Unfair Contract Terms Law Nov Update, Dr Cyril Jankoff, Contract Risk Mitigator, The Risk Doctor
  • How to keep Brain Fit for Work, Gillian Eadie, Managing Director, Memory Foundation
  • Performance Management and Terminations, Penny Brooke, Senior Associate, Piper Alderman


  • Transport Law: Bills of Lading - John Livermore FCILT
  • Building a ‘Safety Conscious’ Workforce - Jessica Paton MILT
  • Why High Speed Rail is Viable in Australia - Matt McInnes MILT
  • Logistics is the Future - Brendan Richards, Partner - Ferrier Hodgson
  • CPL - What is it and why should I apply?
  • Tracing Ownership of Companies and Ethical Partnerships - Richard Dailly, Managing Director, South and Southeast Asia, Investigations and Disputes, Kroll
  • Smarter Cities and Smarter Transport - Dr Ryan Falconer CMILT, Associate and Transport Strategist, Arup
  • Drug & Alcohol - Implementing an Enforceable Policy, Tim Capelin, Piper Alderman
  • Making Women Visible - Peta Irving CMILT
  • How to Navigate a Crisis - Ted Williams, Partner, Piper Alderman & Graham Newton, Partner McGrathNicol
  • The Value of Sustainability in the Supply Chain - Anita Househam, UN Global Compact
  • Change Management - Lawrence Norton FCILT and David R Abbott MBE - Senior Consultants, One World Consulting
  • What are my legal risks? Peter Dwyer, Partner, Piper Alderman
  • Data Capture Technology - Jordan Miller, ChekRite
  • CoR Myths and Legends - Andrew Watt, Project Director, CoR Australia
  • Enterprise Bargaining - Stephen Hughes, Partner, Piper Alderman
  • Impact of increasing container ship size on container handling productivity at Australian ports - Dr Renee Kidson, Director, Infrastructure & Surface Transport Statistics, Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport & Regional Economics (BITRE)


  • Effective stakeholder engagement - Jan Taylor, Principal, JTA Australia
  • Asia Supply Chain Insights 2 - China Cheap No More - Mark Millar MBA, FCILT, FCIM, GAICD Managing Partner, M Power Associates
  • Privacy Law Changes - Andrew Thompson, Commercial Lawyer, CIE Legal
  • Urban Road Pricing - Dr David Bray, Adjunct Assoc Professor, University of QLD
  • The status of e-waste management in Australia - John Gertsakis, Chief Sustainability Officer, Infoactiv Group
  • Mentoring - Why wouldn't you? - CILT Australia
  • GenR8 - Youth Engagement Program QLD - Jimmy Southwood, DETE
  • Nola Bransgrove's Journey in T&L - Nola Bransgrove, Owner & Business Systems Manager, BransTrans
  • Asia Supply Chain Insights 3 - The VIP of ASEAN - Mark Millar MBA, FCILT, FCIM, GAICD Managing Partner, M Power Associates
  • Business Protection and Employee Restraints - Mark Waters Partner CIE Legal
  • Asia Supply Chain Insights 4 - AEC 2015 - Mark Millar MBA, FCILT, FCIM, GAICD Managing Partner, M Power Associates
  • Make for Asia - Charlie Macdonald, General Manager and Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics Industry Executive – Industry Centre of Excellence  - Telstra.
  • Capitalise on the Mobile Marketing Revolution, Mr Michael Alf CMILT, Founder - Digital4Lawyers
  • Integrating e-commerce with your supply chain - Run by iStart in conjunction with NetSuite
  • Sustainable Transport Development - A Hong Kong Experience - Dr Dorothy Chan FCILT, CILT International President
  • Public Transport: best practice strategy, planning, operations and customer service - Phil Charles, Professor, University of Queensland
  • Public Transport and Social Exclusion - Professor John Stanley, Adjunct Professor and Bus Industry Confederation Senior Research Fellow in Sustainable Land Transport, ITLS, University of Sydney
  • Sustainable and Ethical Procurement - Craig Beaver CMILT, Principal, The Great Southern Land Consulting Group
  • How data analytics transform shipping, ports and supply chains - Thomas Vitsounis, Project Leader "Total Port Logistics" at National ICT Australia (NICTA)


  • Where has managerial prerogative gone? - Katrina Murphy, KMIR Pty Ltd
  • Mobility - Designing an Optimal Vehicular Sensor Network for Smart Cities - Baljeet Malhotra; SAP Research
  • Transforming Humanitarian Logistics: The Journey to Supply Network Management - Dr Peter Tatham FCILT; Griffith Business School
  • Social Media in Logistics - nice to have or pre-requisite for success? - Michael Alf CMILT
  • Emerging Leaders Tell All with Leigh Williams
  • Emerging Leaders Tell All with Elaheh Ostovary
  • Green Freight Strategies: Guest Speaker: Wayne Striplin & Carl Maurer, Strategix Training Group
  • Logistics Providers in the Supply Chain Firing Line - Derek Luxford, Partner - Transport, Trade and Energy, Hicksons Lawyers
  • Safe Rates for Safer Road Transport - Adrian Brown, Director / Developer, Freight Metrics
  • Termination of Employment - Rick Catanzariti, Partner, DLA Piper Australia
  • Behind the Scenes News in Industrial Relations - Katrina Murphy, KMIR Pty Ltd
  • Managing a Critical OH&S Incident – Dan Feldman, Partner, HR Legal
  • Sustainable Business Practices in a Resource Constrained Economy - Craig Beaver CMILT Principal, The Great Southern Land Consulting Group
  • High-Speed Rail, Regional Rail and Economic Growth, Glen Weisbrod, President, Economic Development Research Group
  • Why the Supply Chain is Dead - Stephen Reid, Solution Specialist - Supply Chain, SAP Australia
  • Chain of Responsibility (COR), Legal Requirements and the COR Framework Review - Jeremy Wolter, Manager for Legislation and Compliance, National Transport Commission
  • Beyond the Perimeter – A practical analysis of a transition from Defence to the Transport and Logistics Industry – Steve O'Keefe FCILT CPL
  • Chain of Responsibility - The NEW is not coming....The NEW is here - Steven Asnicar CMILT, Director, COR Australia
  • Carbon Neutral Transport - Dave Coleman CMILT Business Development Manager, Ron Finemore Transport
  • Employee Engagement: Practical tips for a more Productive Culture in the Workplace - George Vrakas MBA, CMILT, Procurement Manager, ANL Container Line (the CMA CGM Group)
  • Asia Supply Chain Insights - Do you have the Supply Chain Insights you need to succeed in Asia? Mark Millar MBA, FCILT, FCIM, GAICD Managing Partner, M Power Associates

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