CILT Key Knowledge Areas

The Key Knowledge Areas (KKA) provide the basis for the educational requirements for Chartered Membership. They describe the subjects, disciplines and tools studied and practiced by our Members. They also provide the framework for the design, delivery, and examination of CILT education programs and CILT accreditation of external programs including university degrees.

Graded membership of CILT is dependent on the applicants demonstrating that they meet criteria set and agreed by the International Council of CILT of which the KKA are an important element. Applicants need to demonstrate different levels of knowledge of the KKA – (a) awareness (b) knowledge (c) competence (d)  expertise

Knowledge Levels for Logistics & Transport

In order to meet the requirements for the different levels of graded membership candidates must be able to demonstrate their knowledge of the KKA to different degrees depending on the grade of membership for which they are applying.

Awareness means that the applicant knows about the topic and will be able to give an indication of the issues connected with it.

Knowledge means that the applicant can discuss and give reasoned opinions on the issues connected with the topic.

Competence means that the applicant can make sound professional judgments based on knowledge and the application of principle and can use objective and independent reasoning to draw conclusions and make recommendations.

Expertise means that the applicant has a special skill or high level of knowledge derived from within the profession. They are able to offer respected opinions and commentary from their proficiency and command of the topic. They are valued for their judgment, mastery and competence.

Please click here for further information and to view the CILT International Key Knowledge Areas Document

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