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With the new National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) currently rolling out their new team of inspectors, it’s important for your company to be “taking every reasonable measure” to be compliant across all aspects of your operations.

CoR Australia is a leading national Training, Compliance and Audit Preparation group delivering customised CoR compliance systems to Australia’s largest and smallest firms through our suite of integrated services – CoR Training, CoR Compliance and CoR Audit Preparation. CoR provides the Lead Auditor Training for the new ISO 45000 standard – Supply Chain, Logistics and Transport.

CoR Australia’s training solution leverages the units developed by TLISC, to create tools and systems for CoR students, connecting training, compliance and the audit improvement process.

If you need assistance with training, pre-audits, audits, compliance consulting, or systems implementation we’ve got you covered.

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RECOGNISED Courses Available - Online

Apply Chain of responsibility Legislation, Regulations and Workplace Procedures (Basic)

Basic Fatigue (Awareness)

Basic Loading Unloading (Awareness)

Apply Chain of responsibility Legislation, Regulations and Workplace Procedures (TLIF0001)

Apply Fatigue Management Strategies (TLIF2010)

Load and Unload Goods/Cargo (TLID2004)

Administer Chain of Responsibility Policies and Procedures (TLIF0002)

Administer the Implementation of Fatigue Management Strategies (TLIF3063)

Develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure chain of responsibility compliance (TLIF0003)

Manage Fatigue Management Policy and Procedures (TLIF4064)

COR Executive Briefing

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CIRCADIAN is the global leader in providing 24/7 workforce performance and safety solutions for businesses that operate around the clock. At CIRCADIAN AUSTRALIA we help businesses identify and mitigate fatigue risk in the workforce, improving the safety, productivity and quality of life for their people. Our management team has vast experience in the transport industry, and during the last seven years over 5,000 students have completed our fatigue management courses.
Drawing on over 27 years of both research developing the science around fatigue management and experience in the field, CIRCADIAN continues its commitment to help people who work around the clock, as well as the companies supporting our continuous global economy.

CIRCADIAN AUSTRALIA® is a registered training organisation. RTO 31209

Phone 1300 366 726  
Website: www.circadianaustralia.com.au


TLIF2010A - Apply Fatigue Management Strategies

Designed for:

  • Heavy vehicle drivers
  • Bus and coach drivers
  • Drivers wanting to be eligible to work 14 hours under a company’s BFM/AFM accreditation
  • Operators who want to understand the fatigue management issues for their drivers and schedulers
  • Pre-requisite for TLIF3063A

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TLIF3063A - Administer the Implementation of Fatigue Management Strategies

Designed For:

  • A person who schedules a driver’s work or rest time
  • A person who schedules the transport of passengers or goods by road
  • Owner/operators who contract to NVHAS accredited operators if they manage their own schedules
  • TLIF2010A is a pre-requisite

For more information and enrolment form, click HERE

TLIF2010A / TLIF3063A

  • Apply Fatigue Management Strategies
  • Administer the Implementation of Fatigue Management Strategies

(Discounted price if purchase together (as a combo) for one student)


OTHER COURSES – Available Online

ABFTO    Fatigue Basics
1 module course   

Provides basic information about how shiftwork or long hours make you tired, and what to do about it.
Designed for people who:

  • Work long hours or nights
  • Work shifts   

AFTO    Fatigue Training Online
2 module course   

Provides detailed information about the causes of fatigue and what to do about them, helping you to manage a shiftwork lifestyle.
Designed for people who:

  •      Work long hours or nights
  •      Work shifts
  •      Extended hours and call-outs   

ADFTO    Fatigue Training Online for Drivers
3 module course    

*NOT for heavy vehicle drivers working under Basic Fatigue Management (BFM)

Provides detailed information about staying alert and safe when on the road.
Designed for:

  •      Sales reps
  •      Long distance drivers
  •      Long commuters to and from work   

For more information on these courses and others, click HERE

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