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CILTA would like to offer members the opportunity to advertise their available job roles or their individual availability on the CILTA website and within the CILTA Monthly Newsletter.

You may find the link below resourceful ' The Guide to Building a CV ' which offers helpful advice on how to prepare your CV. It also includes a step by step guide to writing a CV,  samples and other useful tips to help give your CV the best chances of success.
The University Interview Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Building a CV

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Organisations are able to advertise positions available at a very small fee of $120 (incl of GST) per Job advertisement.
Articles of Interest:

Working From Home, this article covers information such as:
  • The pros and cons of remote work for employers and their staff, the wider impact on society and the environment, and technological and cultural challenges that need to be addressed.
  • Eye-opening statistics and surveys of work from home (WFH) employees: 68% felt more productive at home, 80% said WFH reduced their expenses, yet 57% also felt more stressed from working remotely.
  • Understanding the biggest challenges faced by remote workers: dealing with stress, anxiety, and maintaining work-life balance at home.
  • Practical tips and advice to set up a productive and healthy workspace at home including links to other useful resources.

With millions of businesses shifting to work-from-home policies due to the pandemic, employees, including young professionals just starting out, have had to quickly adapt to remote work and its impact on their careers, work-life balance, and mental wellbeing.

“Remote Working & Mental Health: A Young Professional’s Guide” -

The guide offers a lot of great information, such as:
  • Why remote working has become the new normal due to lockdowns - An estimated 30% of the workforce could be home-based by the end of 2021.
  • How remote working can significantly affect physical and mental health.
  • Different ways you can alleviate stress when working from home, such as creating a comfortable work environment and taking regular breaks.
  • How employers can help to make working from home healthier and less stressful for their employees.
Advertising an Available Role:
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Advertising your own availability:
•    Location
•    Desired Area of T&L
•    Expertise
•    Brief Summary of your Background
•    Your Membership Grade
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Detail to take up no more than one A4 word document please.

All Monthly newsletters are sent to members in the middle of each month, to ensure inclusion in a particular month please have your job advertisement to by the first Friday of each month.

If you wish to discuss the opportunity of advertising regularly on this section please contact Karyn Welsh, CEO on

Please note that this is a Member only opportunity. Members will be able to advertise three roles per year free of charge after this fees may occur. Non-members may apply to advertise their roles for a fee. Advertisements will appear once in the monthly newsletter and can remain online for up to three months. CILTA remains an impartial party to all advertisements and are merely a platform to advertise the detail provided. CILTA retain the right to refuse advertisement of a job role or individual availability.

Our International Partners have asked us to provide the following information that may be useful to our Students who are thinking about their career, study options etc once they enter the worksforce. We are planing to update this with an Australia version in the very near future.

The guide is called “A School Leavers Guide to Getting a Job in Scotland” and and offers plenty of valuable information such as:
  • What happens after you turn 16 and leave the school system - what are your options (e.g. starting a business or taking a gap year) and how to decide what you should do next.
  • The importance of apprenticeships - how to get one, how it’s beneficial to starting one’s career, as well as a good breakdown of the three types of apprenticeships in Scotland: foundation, graduate and modern apprenticeships.
  • Useful job market advice, job application, and job interview tips that can help you build work experience to kick-start your career.
  • Other helpful tips and resources that can help school leavers maximise their chances of getting a job.
You can view the full guide below:

A School Leavers Guide to Getting a Job in Scotland
Ultimate Guide to University Admission Interviews 

Interview Guide

This is an excellent guide that can help many young adults know their options and make better, more informed decisions about what to do next after leaving school.
Psychometric Testing  - a complete guide for university students in dealing with psychometric  tests during interview processes for internships and first full-time jobs

Free practice tests, including numerical, verbal and inductive reasoning tests are available via this link:  

Free guides for dealing with numerical and verbal tests during job interviews:


Want to Improve your social skills?

-become better leaders by being exposed to and have the opportunity to relate to different kinds of people, and positions within your industry. Need help developing strong communication skills so you can handle any situation. Bolster self-esteem: A mentor is someone who is always in a student's corner. Apply today for our siz month mentoring program.

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