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CILTA sets and maintains standards for delivery of professional development programs and seminars through Accreditation of Institutions to deliver programs developed by CILT International, Certification of programs that meet the academic requirements for Chartered Membership status (using the arrangements detailed in this document) and Recognition of short courses and seminars through the provision of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

Once a course is certified, potential and current CILTA members can be assured that after completing the course they will have achieved the educational requirements of Chartered Membership. This provides certainty of the quality and relevance of the programs to their workplaces and their careers.

For education and training providers, certification provides certainty that the courses they offer are of sufficient standard to be acknowledged by the oldest and largest professional logistics and transport association covering freight logistics, supply chain management and passenger transport in Australia.   This provides important and highly relevant status at both a national and international level in the increasingly globalised T&L industry.

Certification is a confirmation that the programs address the CILT Key Knowledge Areas (KKA) and therefore, have been assessed against CILT’s international standards and benchmarks.  This is important for both students completing the programs and interested in working overseas as well as for institutions that are interested in providing programs for overseas students.

Courses are assessed for the suitability of graduates as logistics and transport professionals through assessment of:
•the content and structure against CILT’s KKA
•staff and educational resources used in delivery of the program
•quality assurance processes that the educational institution has in place, particularly regarding admission standards, assessment, and ability of the profession o influence course content and structures

The criteria contained in this document and appendices demonstrate CILTA’s standards for the certification of qualifications. These criteria establish clear quality baselines for the development and delivery of qualifications certified by CILTA.

Please click here to download the CILTA Certification Document and Application Forms.

If you wish to fill the forms out as a word document please email for a copy.

To view CILTA's current certified programs download your copy of the CILTA PD Directory:
This directory will be updated constantly so please ensure you download the latest version each time you access it.

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