Sustainability and Change

Sustainability and Change


It's well known and accepted that the transport and logistics industry is a significant contributor to global economic performance and much of our quality of life depends on the ability to trade and transport goods and services across the globe. The trade off however is that all this activity equates to being a significant contributor to global greenhouse gases, environmental degradation and climate change overall. With global population increasing rapidly, black swan events becoming more frequent and the economies of developing countries growing, the current situation will only worsen unless the industry is prepared to make some dramatic shifts away from the current business as usual. As a result, there is a call and growing need for organisations to transform and integrate environmentally and socially sound choices into their supply chains, strengthen their social licence to operate and stakeholder value, and position the organisation on a more sustainable and resilient footing towards long-term prosperity.


The aims of the CILTA Sustainability and Change sector are to:
  • provide visible and accountable leadership and strong advocacy for sustainability and change within the transport and logistics industry;
  • promote awareness of sustainability related regulation, guidelines, benchmarks and innovation;
  • promote opportunities for members to acquire sustainability and/or change related education, knowledge and/or consultation assistance;
  • identify and disseminate examples of good sustainability and change related case studies within the industry;
  • identify and disseminate opportunities for members to submit applications for sustainability and innovation related government grants;
  • facilitate inter-organisational partnerships and/or knowledge sharing;
  • facilitate sector related guest speakers at CILTA events; and
  • act as a point of contact on related matters for CILTA members.
  • The sector will aim to meet once every quarter. Actual location, telecon media, dates and times will be confirmed once the composition of the sector's committee is finalised.
  • Sector Lead will provide a monthly newsletter/ update to be uploaded on the Sector's page on the CILTA website.
  • Annual review of Sector's terms of reference.
  • To continually liaise with the CILTA CEO and National Council on the sector's direction, value, focus and event funding for the benefit of members.

Shaun would love to hear from members wishing to be part of this sector. Shaun's contact details are:

Shaun Deverson - Director and Principal Consultant
Lighthouse Road Pty Ltd
Ph: +61 (0) 423 974 885

or alternatively

Karyn Welsh, CEO
CILT Australia
M: 0418 322 810

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