Alliance for Supply Chain Innovation (ASCI)

Alliance for Supply Chain Innovation (ASCI)

The establishment of the Alliance for Supply Chain Innovation (ASCI) was a result of various institutions expressing the need to collaborate, in a formal way rather than the informal collaboration, which existed before.

To date, there was no dedicated broad based national Logistics and Supply Chain Management research structure.

However, a number of different entities across universities and research institutions within these organisations, regularly undertake Logistics and Supply Chain related research, and indeed from an expertise point of view, through a wide range of different researchers.

In this regard, ASCI facilitates, coordinates, and supports the development of knowledge and its effective use to enhance Collaborative User-driven Research in Supply Chain Innovation as it meets the needs of its Stakeholders in Government, Industry, and Academia to the benefit of its respective constituents and the Australian Economy.

The ASCI Objectives are:    

  • Provide a coordinated approach to research projects and activities to facilitate and generate synergy among research institutions to further enhance value to the Australian economy
  • Build further on the strong knowledge and work already undertaken by the industry and to providing a collaborative, coordinated body through which the industry will decide, direct, research, test, monitor, fund, , manages projects that are relevant to it
  • To address national issues to improve and build a sustainable Logistics position for Australia and its states
  • Assist with testing, business management and piloting of prospective new business concepts that add value to the industry and/or government to provide advice and assistance as required
  • To collaboratively capitalise on and further develop the knowledge base in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Australia relative to its internal and external positioning in and contribution to Global Trade

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