Member Survey 2020

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About You
Job Title:
No. of Years with Organisation:
In what state do you work?:  NT
 QLD - North
 NSW - Hunter
In what Industry Sector do you primarily operate in?:  Supply Chain
 Transport Planning
 Freight Rail
 Passenger Rail
 Road Transport
 Active Travel and Travel Planning
 Bus and Coach
 Ports Maritime Waterways
 Freight Forwarding
 Defence Logistics
 Postal and Courier
 Retail Logistics
 Transport Manufacturing
 Warehousing and Logistics
 Other (If other, please list)
What Online and Social Media do you connect with on a regular basis?:  LinkedIn
 Other (please specify)
Please let us know which Industry Publications you read:

Why did you become a member of CILT Australia?:
What do you like best about your membership?:
What are your motivations for being a CILT member?:  Build/Gain Networks
 Industry News and Updates
 Promote my organisation
 Gain recognition for skills and experience
 Industry Events
 Professional Development
 Other (If other, please comment)
How could we improve your Member experience?:
What extra features would you like to see introduced to your membership?:
Would you recommend CILT Australia to Industry Colleagues?:  Yes
Please comment:

CILT Australia Newsletters
Do you regularly read articles from CILTA’s weekly Industry Update?:  Yes
Any comments about the Industry Update:
Do you regularly read the monthly newsletter?:  Yes
Any comments about the Monthly Newsletter:
Have you submitted any articles or content for the monthly newsletter?:  Yes
 I didn’t know I could but I am not interested
 I didn’t know I could but now I do I will
How could we improve our weekly and monthly publications?:

Online Membership Portal
Have you utilised the online CILTA membership portal?:  Yes
Any comments about the online Membership Portal?:
Have you utilised the following features of our online portal?

Membership Directory – a list of member contacts (only those members that have given permission for their details to be published)
Membership Directory:  Yes
Any comments (if no, why not?):

T&L Specialist Directory -
one off access to an expert for a solution
T&L Specialist Directory:  Yes
Any comments (if no, why not?):

Documents Library
– a library of resources
Document Library:  Yes
Any comments (if no, why not?):
How could we improve the online membership portal? What other features would you like to see?:


Last year we introduced the Careers tab - this enables members to advertise their available job vacancies and their own personal availability

Is this of interest to you and your organisation?:  Yes
What further information could we provide you with for careers and career development?:

Local Section Events
Best Day of the Week:  Monday
Best time of the Day:  Breakfast Event
 Mid Morning
 Lunch Event
 Early Evening
 Dinner Event
Cost to attend:  I will only attend free events
 I am happy to pay a small fee
 I am happy to pay a reasonable fee reflective of what the event offers
 Cost isn’t really an issue

How much would you be prepared to pay for the following (including catering)?
A breakfast event:
A lunch event:
An early evening event :
A dinner event:
My main reasons for attending section events are:  Further Develop my Knowledge
 Networking Opportunities
 Social Interaction
 CPD Points
 See operations in action (site visits)
 Other (please specify)
Please suggest speakers / topics / destinations / site visits:

Professional Development
Are you interested in Professional Development?:  Yes
If yes, in what areas are you interested in developing in?:
Have you visited our Professional Development Website –  Yes
 I didn’t know about it but I am not interested
 I didn’t know about it but now I do I will access it

Continuing Professional Development

In July 2016 CILTA will introduce CPD to its Membership. Earning CPD points will gain you recognition for your commitment to learning and development, building greater confidence in your professional standing and encourage an enhanced credibility of the CILT Membership.

Find out more: Development/CPD_for_CILTA_Members.pdf
Are you interested in recording and keeping track of your Professional Development?:  Yes
Any comments (if no, why not?):
If CILTA was to provide 1 day in house specialist seminars would you be interested?:  Yes
If yes, what topics would you or your company consider valuable?:

Sector Committees

Sector Committees are designed to bring members together that are working or have an interest in a particular field of Transport & Logistics. Their aim is to provide and encourage debate, provoke response and engagement on significant issues within the Sector.
Would you be interested in joining a Sector Committee?:  Yes
What Sector Committees would interest you?:  Supply Chain
 Passenger Transport
 Transport Planning
 Active Travel and Travel Planning
 Bus and Coach
 Ports Maritime Waterways
 Freight Forwarding
 Defence Logistics
 Other (If other, please comment):

If you are interested in Chairing a Sector Committee – please contact National Office on to discuss further.


Over the last three years we have held approx. 60 webinars on a range of Logistics, Transport and General Business Topics. All of which can be accessed via the CILT Australia Member Portal.

Have you logged in to a CILTA Webinar?:  Yes
Do you like webinars as a form of succinct and quick learning?:  Yes
Any comments about Webinars:
Please suggest Webinar Topics and Speakers for 2016:


CILTA administers the Certified Professional Logistician (CPL), the Certified Passenger Professional (CPP) and the Certified Transport Planner (CTP) certifications.

These certifications provide a benchmark of excellence for measuring capability and proficiency within each profession.
Do you hold a CPL, CTP or CPP certification?:  Yes
If No, had you heard about these certifications before?:  Yes
Please provide any comments on these certifications:


CILTA provides a matching process to create Mentoring relationships for our members.
Would you be interested in having a Mentor?:  Yes
Would you be interested in imparting your knowledge and expertise as a Mentor?:  Yes
If you are not interested in the one on one style mentoring what other situations would you like CILTA to create in order to be exposed to others you can learn from?:

Industry Recognition

The Logistics and Transport industry is huge and there is potential for our network to be much larger than it is currently. With further Industry recognition of Industry Associations the more valuable the network becomes for our Individual Members.
Can you provide any suggestions for creating greater Industry Recognition?:
Any final comments or suggestions:

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