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was established in the UK in 1919, and has been operating in Australia since 1935. CILT Australia is part of the CILT International network with of over 35,000 members and more than 200 key corporations working in 100+ countries.

Our mission is to provide leadership in research, policy and professional development and supporting continuous improvement in the Transport and Logistics Industry.

The association covers all those who work transporting passengers, moving freight and managing Australian domestic and international supply chains from the most junior school leaver to the most senior CEOs.

CILT Australia's accredited, certified and recognized development programs, along with its networking and event opportunities truly offer its members 'the way forward for industry professionals'. 

Specifically CILT Australia works to:

Involve people as members and professionals in Logistics and Transport. L&T continues to change and grow quickly. Our freight logistics is already about 14.5% of Australian GDP and employs about 1.25 million workers while passenger Transport has a direct, positive impact on the livability of our towns and cities and on the growth of our economy. CILT Australia challenges members to get involved and play their part in shaping the future through our events, networking functions, surveys and seminars and our various working groups and committees.

Inform - As L&T grows in complexity knowledge becomes more important than ever. CILT Australia keeps members informed about the critical issues, emerging trends, international and local developments and about the people in L&T who are making a difference via daily RSS newsfeeds, weekly updates, monthly e-newsletters, and access to the on-line International Knowledge Centre, research reports and seminars as well as with social media.

Recognise - Skills, experience and training count. The CILT Membership levels provide important recognition of the skills and experience of members as they progress in their careers. Exceptional achievement is then recognised by the awarding of the awarding of the Certified Practicing Logistician (CPL) and Certified Transport Planner (CTP) accreditations and through our prestigious annual Awards for Excellence.

Develop - CILT Australia supports lifelong learning and the development of people through short courses, mentoring programs and qualifications, many of which have both an Australian and an international level of recognition.

CILT is proud of its history and its reputation at the forefront of the Logistics and Transport Industry worldwide.

  • Founded in 1919 in the United Kingdomking
  • Granted a Royal Charter in 1926 to ‘promote, encourage and coordinate the study and advancement of the science and art of transport’.
  • Commenced operations in Australia in 1935 and just celebrated our 80th year
  • Today CILT Australia is part of a worldwide organisation of over 30 sections and branches with more than 30,000 members.

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