TransEco Pty Ltd was formed in January 1991, in Victoria, Australia; in response to a demonstrated need for industry research in the transport and logistics sectors of the economies in the Asia Pacific Region.

Our Objective

TransEco’s objective is to provide comprehensive consultancy services to the business logistics community - encompassing freight and passenger markets - with an emphasis on industry economic analyses, policy and strategy development, and business information.

Our Philosophy

TransEco’s business philosophy is firmly centered on the development of long-term relationships with its clients. As a consequence, its dedication to client service and client satisfaction is without parallel. TransEco has a strong interest
in managing transport functions and logistics and supply chain processes in an expanding carbon economy.

Business Model and TransEco’s People

TransEco works closely with associates who are professionals, acknowledged experts in their own fields,
to assist it in the provision of a complete consultancy.

This ‘Horses for Courses’ approach has been highly successful in delivering cost effective solutions for our clients.
Regular overseas trips and a network of international contacts give TransEco a global perspective on logistics and
supply chain trends, with a particular emphasis on the Asia Pacific region.The principal and founding director of TransEco,
Ranjeet Singh, brings over 40 years of experience working both in the Public and Private Sectors in Australia, Malaysia,
China, India, U.S. and Fiji.

TransEco’s strengths are enhanced by its ability to draw upon the latest industry and enterprise information from its extensive
databanks, enabling it to quickly incorporate the most recent information into client reports. On a regular and ongoing basis,
TransEco monitors the performance of all Australian transport & storage industries – by mode and by activity
– as well as transport equipment manufacturers, wholesaling and retailing industries.

Transport and Distribution Solutions

TransEco offers key solutions to the road freight industry in Australia by monitoring and reporting its cost movements.

The Road Freight Cost Indices from TransEco (TRFCI) has become the industry standard and over 600 buyers and sellers of
road freight services, along with government policy developers have utilised this service over the past 28 years.

TransEco is the only independent firm focused on providing economic analysis about freight transport in Australia. We are
committed to facilitate the planning of your business strategy to provide cost effective solutions.

The Road Freight Cost Outlook from TransEco (TRFCOS) provides crucial knowledge for your business management by
analysing and quantifying the impact of future changes in the road freight market and so enhances your business planning
decisions, distribution performance and business processes.

Consultancy Services

TransEco specialises in assisting firms develop business enhancement strategies based on evidence based research techniques.

Since its inception in 1991, TransEco has authored more than 100 reports providing solutions to specific tasks across the fields
of Logistics and Supply Chain Management; Industry Analysis; Market Intelligence; and Business Development in Asia Pacific.

Sectional Partners

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